How to Make the Most of your Digital Credential

At USIDHR we have partnered with Accredible to provide easy to use digital credentials to our students that are easy to use and verifiable by employers. Use the information below to make the most of our your new certificate.

What are the benefits of your Digital Credential?

Accessible and easily retrievable: As you credentials are online, you can access them from any computer of mobile device to view them on the go. You can always access your credential by entering your email.

Easy to Share on Social Media: Your certificate can be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with one click.

Control your Privacy: You can make your credential private, how many people see it is your choice.

Verified Learning: Your credential can be checked and verified by potential employers at any time to check your qualification.

Strengthen your Qualification: You can add evidence items by uploading notes and personal reflections or anything else you received as part of your qualification.

Accessing your Certificate:

Your digital certificate can be accessed 24/7 just by entering your email address. Use the link: and click ‘Retrieve your credentials without a password’. 

When you’re logged in click on ‘My Credentials’ and you can view your certificate.

Share your achievement on Social Media:


To engage with your certificate and show your new achievement you can share your certificate on Social Media. When viewing your credential, you will see below the certificate social media icons. 

If you click the LinkedIn icon, you will be directed to your LinkedIn profile where you can share your certificate on your wall. Tag us on LinkedIn so we can celebrate with you! You can do the same for Facebook and Twitter. 

Download your Certificate:


Underneath your certificate, there will be a PDF icon. By clicking this you can download a copy of your certificate to keep on your computer.


Once again, congratulations on completing your course with USIDHR, we love to interact with our students on social media, so please share your new credential and tag us.


Enjoy your new certificate!

Follow the steps above or simply watch this video to learn How to Use your Digital Credential by USIDHR

Once you receive your email and click the button that says ‘View my Credential’. You will be taken to a webpage where you can view your new credential. Below you will see several icons, including the LinkedIn icon, the Twitter icon, and the Facebook icon. By clicking these, you can share your credential directly to your social media profiles. For LinkedIn you can add a link to your profile where when clicked on, it will take the viewer directly to your new credential. 

The video tutorial explains everything futher.

The Power of LinkedIn for Students & Graduates

LinkedIn is more than just a social media platform, it’s become one of the leading tools in job search and recruitment. Over 100 million job applications are uploaded to LinkedIn each month and every minute, 6 people are recruited through the platform. Students and graduates use LinkedIn to build their personal brand and grow their professional networks, but it’s vital to have an optimized profile to get noticed. This article provides advice for students and graduates with digital credentials on how to effectively showcase their abilities on their LinkedIn profile.

Why should graduates and students use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has over 810 million users globally and is constantly growing. It is becoming the go-to tool for recruitment, with over 57 million companies hosting more than 15 million active job listings. 87% of recruiters and hiring managers actively use the platform in their search to find potential candidates. To date, more than 35 million individuals have achieved success in their job search through a LinkedIn connection. It’s not just a platform for the professionally established, graduates that don’t utilize LinkedIn risk missing out on career opportunities. 

LinkedIn profiles go beyond a simple digital resume and the connections offered through the platform can provide insight, advice, and guidance during the job search and throughout a career. It’s a dedicated platform for keeping a record of digital credentials, certifications, qualifications, and competencies while making it easy to network with peers and subject matter experts within a target industry. Even if the goal is not to seek or gain employment, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to exchange ideas, get involved in discussions, and keep up to date with sector trends, developments, and discoveries. 

Licenses and Certifications

The licenses and certifications section on a LinkedIn profile are where digital credentials such as digital badges and digital certificates are added. Certifications that are awarded as digital credentials provide greater detail about a user’s capabilities compared to LinkedIn skill badges. The added certifications are linked to the dedicated digital credential page which provides space for evidence of demonstrable skills, exam scores, application of knowledge, transcripts, and more. It also contains information about the certification program or course and the issuing organization. This section is used to showcase earned skill sets and level of proficiency for hiring managers and recruiters. Keep this section up to date with new skills and certifications as you earn them, not only does it serve as a record of professional development but it shows a passion for continuous learning. 

Don’t forget to also share newly achieved certifications and credentials to the LinkedIn feed. This provides a great way to start conversations around further opportunities for professional development when entering a specific industry and particular skills that recruiters are looking for. It also serves as a way to network with peers seeking similar certifications, increases profile visibility during recruiter searches, and allows you to celebrate your accomplishment with your connections.

Source: Jasmin Quigley – Accredible