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The US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights is a top-rated nonprofit think tank located in Washington, D.C., with a presence in over 56 countries. Its core mission is to advance education for all and empower people to learn and understand human rights and diplomacy. In addition, USIDHR provides access to schools for underprivileged children by offering them resources such as school supplies and scholarships.

The institute provides excellent training and programs which give people the skills they need to pursue a career in human rights and diplomacy. Additionally, our humanitarian mission called “EduforEveryChild” provides underprivileged children who cannot afford quality education with much-needed school supplies and scholarships. With funds from all our generous donors and training programs, we are changing countless lives for the better!


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Diplomacy and Human Rights Education

We are the world’s leading provider in Diplomacy and Human Rights Courses, with a proven track record in transforming the skills of professionals to help build successful careers and promote continuous learning, to shape the workforce of the future.

Our certification courses are globally recognized courses and have been accepted as continuing education by many institutions and employers, including the United Nations, UNICEF, World Bank, embassies and governments around the world. 





8,000 graduates, Elite Trainers,

“What an insightful and informative course!! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to upgrade their understanding of human rights. An amazing teacher as well.”

Eric G E Gaye

“I have learned so much! We often think we know, to be honest I did not know much. Though, every item mentioned in these 30 articles seem common and we knew it, we did to know enough to teach others. Now, it has opened not only to feed my ego but aspirations to let other know what it meant"

Belete Balay

“It is an interesting, rich adapted and need oriented training. The training document is very useful. It is an excellent training. It will be an asset for me. I will actually encourage other people to take it.”

Gabriel Jude

Training Certifications

Human Rights Training Certification

This 8-module online training is an in-depth human rights course that provides you with the most transparent and revealing training for professional development breaking down everything you need to know to become a human rights consultant and be able to deliver workshops, seminars and classes on human rights education to others.

Human Trafficking Training Certification

Discover the Strategies to Combat Human Trafficking and Become an Anti-Trafficking Consultant. Join the Human Trafficking Prevention Training today and get the knowledge needed to stop standing on the sidelines and deliver your own workshops, seminars and classes on how to spot the signs of human trafficking

Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette Certification

This online training is an in-depth diplomatic protocol and etiquette course that provides you with all the industry secrets for making good impressions and presenting yourself as a professional in any career. Additionally, you will be given all the knowledge needed to become a diplomatic protocol consultant and deliver your own workshops, seminars and classes teaching others etiquette.

Business Consulting Certification

The Business Consultant certificate program is an online step-by-step training teaching you the strategies and techniques you need to start your own consulting business in this growing and thriving industry. Learn all the skills you need to help small businesses grow and help large companies solve problems by becoming a Business Consultant.

Humanitarian Programs

Let Her Lead

Educate girls and women about the dangers of human trafficking, child marriage, and gender-based violence.


Edu for Every Child

Supporting children from low-income families by providing resources and materials to help them attend school.

Religious Pluralism

Working on promoting freedom of religion or belief for all through education and advocacy for international religious freedom.


We bring together elite experts to provide high-quality white papers and articles - all in our mission to enhance people’s knowledge of diplomacy and human rights.

International Conferences

Education goes beyond school set ups, and at USIDHR, we recognize the value of hosting international conferences and summits to raise awareness and promote learning. 

USIDHR Youth Summit
International Summit on Disability Rights
Diplomacy and Human Rights Summit

Top-Rated Nonprofit by Guidestar and Great Nonprofits

USIDHR was rated as a top-non profit continuously since 2020 by Great Nonprofits and Guidestar. The award is only given to organizations that receive 5-star reviews and recommendations from the general public for the work undertaken that year. We were recognized for educating thousands of students and providing educational materials to hundreds of unprivileged children from Pakistan, Romania, Kenya, Peru, Mexico and more.

The seal was given for showing our community who we are and what we do.

Frequently Asked questions

The most commonly asked questions about certification. This includes Human Rights Education Training™, Human Trafficking Prevention Training™, Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette Training™. Select the question that interests you to reveal the answer. Please note, for questions or support, please contact USIDHR’s Customer Support team by email at info@usidhr.org

As individuals move along their career progression, their competencies will grow and develop.  At each key milestone, the individual will have developed or gained a different level of competency that can be recognized, thus providing a clear differentiation between certification levels.  The certification level encourages a BA professional to seek growth through specific learning and development to support them in achieving the desired level. IIBA certification programs will assess and measure an individual’s competencies at any given level thus ensuring the professional and employer knows what is expected at each level.

Professional certification is a designation earned by an individual identifying that they have demonstrated a standard level of skills, experience, and expertise within their field. USIDHR’s training programs are considered professional certifications because they each have a unique work experience requirement to be eligible and the exam tests their application of the competencies required at each level.  activities, or recertification to be eligible.