Human Rights in Business (HRB) Academy

Fostering Responsible Business Practices: Championing Universal Respect for Human Rights


HRB Academy

The Human Rights in Business (HRB) Academy is a pioneering initiative created by USIDHR, designed to guide responsible business conduct. It supports businesses in integrating human rights principles into their decisions and actions. Inspired by Principle 15 of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, which makes it clear that companies must “know and show” that they respect human rights, the Academy aids companies in understanding and showcasing their commitment to respecting human rights.


HRB Academy Program Overview

The HRB Academy is a year-long mentorship program designed for eligible businesses and companies. It's a specialized initiative offering tailored services to assist companies in understanding their impact on human rights and establishing robust procedures to ensure ethical practices. The program unfolds across four essential phases:

1) HRB Audit: This phase involves a thorough evaluation of company policies and practices, ensuring they align with fundamental human rights principles.

2) Recommendations: Crafting a comprehensive report outlining actionable recommendations based on the audit findings, offering a clear roadmap for improvements.

3) Human Rights Due Diligence Training: Training sessions tailored for both management and employees, enhancing their comprehension and implementation of human rights considerations within the company's framework.

4) Implementation Phase: This segment involves active support in formulating robust Human Rights policies and generating annual reports focused on human rights practices.

Moreover, the program includes personalized consultation sessions—a series of interactive and confidential meetings with our experts.

These phases aim to provide tailored guidance and unwavering support throughout the journey of integrating human rights practices within the company's operations.


Why Businesses Should Prioritize Human Rights in Their Practices

Business enterprises wield significant influence on the human rights of employees, consumers, and communities in their operational footprint. It's crucial for businesses worldwide not just to acknowledge but to actively integrate and showcase their commitment to human rights within their operations.

Firstly, the integration of human rights into business practices is swiftly evolving into a global standard. Secondly, this integration doesn't just meet a requirement; it also drives and maintains competitiveness in the market.

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights emphasizes that business enterprises, irrespective of their size or industry, carry the responsibility to uphold human rights universally. This obligation necessitates an understanding of their potential impacts, the prevention and mitigation of abuses, and the proactive addressing of adverse impacts they might be involved in. Essentially, companies must both understand and visibly demonstrate their dedication to respecting human rights across all their operations


Why Companies Should Join the HRB Academy?

1) Expert Guidance: Gain access to specialized expertise and guidance from over 12,000 certified human rights consultants across 76 countries. These seasoned professionals are well-versed in human rights principles and their practical integration within business operations, offering personalized and localized support.

2) Ethical Assurance: By participating, companies signal their commitment to upholding ethical standards and human rights, fostering a positive reputation and trust among stakeholders.

3) Competitive Edge: Implementing human rights considerations increasingly enhances competitiveness, attracting socially conscious consumers and investors while mitigating risks associated with unethical practices.

4) Comprehensive Support: The Academy offers a structured program covering audits, tailored recommendations, training, and ongoing support, facilitating a seamless integration of human rights principles into everyday practices.

5) Risk Mitigation: By proactively addressing human rights considerations, companies reduce the risk of potential legal issues, controversies, or reputational damage linked to human rights violations.


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