USIDHR Human Rights Coloring Book for All Ages

Help us to get this book to every child in America! Buy 20, 50 or even 100 books to donate to schools, libraries, churches, and the like- in an area of your choice!

Support the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights in Distributing Coloring Books to Schools, Libraries, and Churches Across America – Every Book Counts in Nurturing Creativity, Mindfulness, and Awareness!

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Empower children with knowledge and creativity

Make a difference in young minds! Buy 50, 100 copies of our Human Rights Coloring Book and gift them to a local school. Join us in spreading awareness—every book counts!

Our Human Rights coloring book is more than just colors on paper; it's a passport to mindfulness, support for ADHD, and a journey to self-soothing. With all 30 Human Rights in one book, it's an educational gem for all ages.

Buy your copy today and showcase it around your community to raise awareness. Your support matters! Rally locals to sponsor your efforts, aiming to buy in bulk for the whole class or gift bulk books.

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