Religious Freedom

USIDHR's ‘Religious Freedom Program’ actively promotes the freedom of religion or belief, combating anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and hatred.


Promoting religious freedom

Discover how the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights champions religious freedom. Through our dedicated 'Religious Freedom Program,' we combat anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and all forms of hatred. We fervently work towards eradicating religious discrimination and oppression, actively opposing legislation that infringes on the fundamental right to freedom of belief. As engaged members of the International Religious Freedom (IRF) Roundtable network, we participate actively in pivotal discussions, striving to foster a world where everyone can practice their faith freely and without fear.


Participation in the International Religious Freedom Roundtable

USIDHR actively engages in the International Religious Freedom Roundtable, a gathering of non-governmental organizations convened regularly in Washington, DC, and online. This inclusive forum brings together representatives from diverse faiths, civil society organizations, and notable government figures, including the Ambassador at Large for Religious Freedom and other government officials. Here, critical discussions on religious freedom unfold, fostering collaboration and dialogue among stakeholders committed to protecting this fundamental human right. Through this platform, we initiate multi-faith endeavors, advocacy projects, and coordinate with working groups dedicated to upholding this essential human right. The IRF Roundtable has remarkably drawn representatives from 800 organizations, catalyzing over 200 multi-faith initiatives to champion religious freedom worldwide.


Hosting the IRF Roundtable Eastern Europe

Under President Manuel Oancia's leadership, USIDHR expanded the International Religious Freedom Roundtable to Romania in 2019. Held in Constanta, Romania, this event gathered leaders from diverse faiths, civil society, and diplomats to discuss challenges in religious freedom, particularly in Eastern Europe. Eminent figures from the orthodox, catholic, evangelic religions and other denominations participated, alongside guests from the US, Bulgaria, and Montenegro, including representatives from USAID and diplomatic missions. This dialogue, aligned with the principles of the IRF Roundtable in Washington, DC, aimed to foster multi-religious understanding and address pressing global issues related to religious freedom.

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