Board of Directors & Team


Dr. Isabelle Vladoiu

Dr. Isabelle Vladoiu is an International Human Rights Law Specialist and the founder of the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights. Over the past decade, she has trained over 20,000 individuals in human rights education, human trafficking prevention, diplomatic protocol, and global security. Her expertise involves consulting with high-level leaders, including heads of state, ambassadors, diplomats, and policymakers, as well as collaborating with international organizations. Dr. Vladoiu has been recognized by two American Presidents, receiving the President's Volunteer Service Award Gold Medal (2018) and a Lifetime Achievement Award (2022).


Manuel Oancia

Manuel Oancia is a renowned entrepreneur and international business leader, and the founder of the US Institute of Business and International Development. Over the past decade, his expertise in creating and teaching irresistible offers has made him a sought-after advisor for top Forbes companies like Motorola, Ford, GM, and General Electric. Manuel has collaborated with bi-partisan American administrations, including the Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations, and has worked with high-level foreign diplomats to strengthen relationships among countries. Manuel has been recognized for his outstanding leadership in international business strategies, promoting trade, investment, and cooperation among countries.

Director of Programs & UN Liaison

Dr. Andrise Bass

Director of Public Affairs

Dr. Rosa Ayala

Dr. Rosa Ayala is a remarkable community activist and advocate for human rights and women’s rights. As the founder of Dominican Heritage Month and the Dominican Parade in New York City, she has highlighted the Dominican people’s rich traditions, history, and contributions, fostering pride and unity among the diaspora. Acknowledged by government officials across the United States and abroad, Rosa has been honored with over 200 awards for her dedication to promoting cultural heritage and women’s rights. Her activism began at a young age, inspired by her parents' commitment to helping the less fortunate, and she continues to uplift communities through various initiatives, touching the lives of many with her genuine care and compassion.

Director of Law Enforcement Outreach

Bishop Dr. Luis Paniagua

Bishop Dr. Luis E. Paniagua is a highly respected chaplaincy and civil security figure. As the Commander in Chief General of the International Alliance Of Chaplains and Law Enforcement, founded in 2008 in New York, he leads an organization with thousands of police chaplain members worldwide, contributing to social services and public order. Recognized by the International Court of Justice, he was promoted to General Chaplain Commander by the World Wide Federal Chaplains. Dr. Paniagua collaborates with national security forces and various institutions. His academic achievements include doctorates in Clinical Counseling, Ministry, Pastoral Psychology, and a Doctorate Honoris Causa.

Director of Media Relations

Gloria Conroy

Director of Hispanic Affairs

Vicky Leyva

Latin America Director of Gov. Affairs & Human Rights

Dr. Alvaro Leiva Sanchez


Laura Daugherty

Executive Assistant to

the Founder's Office

Ramlah Usman

Social Media Coordinator

John Chitu


Howida Elhadad

Customer Service Representative

Mahmoud Ayman Elsaghir

Community Outreach and Development Officer

Top-rated Non-Profit and Guidestar Seal of Transparency

USIDHR was rated as a top-non profit by Great Nonprofits. The award is only given to organizations that receive 5-star reviews and recommendations from the general public for the work undertaken that year. We were recognized for educating thousands of students and providing educational materials to hundreds of underprivileged children.

The seal was given for showing our community who we are and what we do.

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