Digital Certification

And Badge To Stay Career Ready

Stand out with a certification that’s recognized globally. Getting certified shows that your new skills are industry validated.

Why certification matters

The USIDHR Consultant digital badges and certificates showcases your dedication to the profession and allows professionals to:

  • Gain instant credibility and legitimacy as a certified consultant

  • Validate to employers that you have the skills and knowledge

  • Share on digital platforms and social media, add it to your email signature, and even to digital resumes

  • Badges are portable and accessible anytime.

  • And more!


got a new job or got promoted at current job

5 Star Google Customer Reviews


started their own business or non-profit organization

*Based on a survey of over 3,000 USIDHR consultants in 2023

Certification Standards

USIDHR’s certification standards are aligned with
ISO 17024 for our certification program, policies, procedures and include the following:

  • Expertise-based breadth: Developed and reviewed by a team of Subject Matter Experts(SMEs), ideally with geography and industry diversity.

  • USIDHR’s certification structure is clearly defined including required competence, abilities, and prerequisites.

  • Our certification is based on a non-commercial body of knowledge as developed by objective third-party entities (i.e. external SMEs).

  • A Job practice analysis is conducted or able to be conducted.

  • The exam question development is rigorous, including the use of blind expert-based processes to create tight controls around question visibility.

  • The assessment process for the certification application and recertification is impartial.

  • Certification processes ensure no candidate has an unfair advantage over another.

  • The exam content is secure and is proctored either virtually or in-person in a test centre.

Benefits of Digital Badging

USIDHR’s digital badges and certificates are a way to easily share and validate your achievements and skills through such services as LinkedIn, where potential employers can see it. You gain access to digital certificates and badges as part of your USIDHR Course enrollment, at no additional cost.

Always Accessible

Never worry about losing your certificates – ever. Your credential will always be present at its web address.

Easily Shareable

You want to share your achievements and commitment to your career. Digital credentials let you showcase it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with one click.

Control Your Privacy

Take advantage of searchability and have your achievement be discoverable on search engines or set it to private and share with only selected people. How and when you share your credential is up to you.

Print at Any Time

Easily print a high-quality PDF of your certificate and badge, whenever you’d like.

Learning and Professional Development, Verified.

Your certifications and USIDHR Membership can be verified at any time. Your badge on LinkedIn can be linked to your live credential so anyone, anywhere can see what you have achieved.

Portable and Exportable Achievements

Compatibility with Mozilla Open Badges means you can add certificates and Membership to different Backpacks. Embed your credential on your own website, in your email signature or save a PDF of your credential.

Accessing your Certificate:

Your digital certificate can be accessed 24/7 just by entering your email address. Use the link: and click ‘Retrieve your credentials without a password’.

When you’re logged in click on ‘My Credentials’ and you can view your certificate.

1-tap Adding To Your Digital Wallet

Our Digital wallet card feature makes your digital credentials portable. Your badges and certificates are now available on mobile devices for your convenience to verify your professional credentials on a job site or to prove your skills.

Highlight Your Achievements – Digitally!

In today’s digital world everything is now online, and traditional certificates and association membership recognition are evolving to support the needs of savvy business professionals. USIDHR has partnered with Accredible to provide digital credentials to recognize your learning accomplishment, expertise, and commitment to advancing your business analysis career.

Use Your USIDHR Digital Badge to:

Showcase your USIDHR Membership, certifications and skillset to your professional network.

Enable employers, potential employers, fellow USIDHR Consultants, and Regional Directors to quickly validate your credentials for your job, volunteer opportunity, events, and more.

Share your digital credentials on any online platform including social media, email signatures, websites and more.

Sharing a Badge

You can share your digital credentials in many ways online. Here’s just a few ways to share your badge:


For more ways to share your digital badge please click here

Certified Professional Directory

USIDHR’s badges and certificates are now available to verify your professional certifications and membership in an enhanced Certified Professional Directory. The directory allows you to easily showcase the skills and achievements you’ve gained from USIDHR to support your business analysis career.

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