Diplomacy and Human Rights Summit 2020

The US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights hosted their annual Summit on Diplomacy and Human Rights Education on November 16th -18th , 2020


Diplomacy and Human Rights Summit 2020

The US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights hosted their annual Summit on Diplomacy and Human Rights Education on November 16th-18th , 2020 .

The event was streamed live over different platforms such as Zoom and Facebook Live on USIDHR’s Official Facebook page. Overall, the Summit gathered over 600 participants with more than 10,000 people watching the live stream over the course of the 3 days. International Human Rights Law Specialist, Ms. Isabelle Vladoiu, Founder of USIDHR, acted as the host and moderator throughout the summit and Q&A sessions.



This internationally oriented event had a successful line-up of 10 guest speakers from 5 continents with various professional backgrounds such as U.S. Department of State, international organizations, lawyers and human rights advocates.

The speakers addressed significant subjects, including Religious Freedom or Belief, Human Rights Education For All, and Citizen Diplomacy. These topics hold importance as they contribute to fostering inclusivity, promoting awareness and understanding of fundamental rights, and encouraging diplomatic engagement among citizens.

Feedback from participants

“As a young law student, this summit seemed to me a special opportunity to open my horizons on concrete topics, useful in the field for which I am preparing. I learned a lot of information about what truly means the importance of human rights, the concept, the key skills of diplomacy and how important and wide is this subject. In the 21th century we need to be aware and to understand these topics from people with experience because society is in a continuous evolution and needs people with initiative. Thank you for this amazing opportunity! Congrats for an amazing job!”

“I enjoyed the idea of being all different. It is nice to meet people who speak up your own opinions. I confirmed my knowledge about these subjects and I know that from now tolerance is for me something more special and important.”

“It was a productive, educational and full of useful information summit and I am glad that I heard and learned about a topic that I am very interested in, considering the fact that I would like to practice Constitutional law and Human Rights Law after I graduate from law school. Also, I learned a lot of things about religion, religious conflicts and how human rights are seen and treated around the globe.”

“Religion can be a great tool in bringing people together and resolving conflicts and if you are aware of your human rights, it is important to educate others.”

“The summit was an amazing one. It was a whole new experience, which was partly a consequence of the colorful selection of the speakers.”

“I really liked the speakers and the things they said to us. I learned a lot about what is happening in the world. I enjoyed the first summit – the one about Religion – and the speaker from Zimbabwe who told us about their country. One more thing – I think it was very useful the presentation made by the UK speaker about China.”

“I think all the speakers had such inspirational speeches and they boosted us to meditate about things we maybe haven’t thought about before; also, I learned a lot of new things, like international events, facts I haven’t knew before, related to religious oppression, for example and also new ideas about youth activism.”

“I think this Summit helped me to understand the differences between countries across the globe when it comes to matters such as religion, diplomacy and the way human rights are approached in certain countries. For me, being a portuguese spectator, it was very interesting.”

“I liked the new ideology and vision of people related to human rights & Diplomacy. The news channels are sharing such fabricated content but this summit has really given a new dimension to thoughts of laymen. “Yes, I learnt how to be a citizen diplomat from Madam Johanna Leblanc… And also the step to follow to become a diplomat, and the work of a diplomat. I was also motivated by her presentations, she has really inspired me….I was also educated on what is happening in China by Madam Olivia. Thank you.”

“The summit of human rights and diplomacy was incredible and informative, and that was my great experience. I learn loads of beneficial things regarding diplomacy and human rights to highlight some essentials of them. I understand how we become great diplomats in our country. Moreover, how we protect and promote human rights. In addition, one of the important things that I know is that the importance of volunteerism for becoming more involved in our community and becoming a great diplomat.”

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