International Summit on Disability Rights 2022

USIDHR's International Summit on Disability Rights took place on December 1-5, 2022 in Istanbul, Türkiye.


ISDR 2022 Summit

The groundbreaking International Summit on Disability Rights, held in Avcilar, Istanbul, Turkey, marked a significant milestone. Co-hosted by the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights and Avcilar Municipality, this summit distinguished itself by centering on disability rights across three pivotal pillars: businesses, governments, and civil society. Unlike traditional conferences solely centered on people with disabilities, this forum stood out for its inclusive approach, uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds under the three pillars—businesses, governments, and civil society. This unique gathering fostered a global conversation aimed at enhancing the rights of people with disabilities, emphasizing collaboration among various sectors for meaningful change.



Gathering over 200 participants from six continents, this event showcased a stellar lineup of speakers. Notable figures such as the UN Secretary-General, the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, the Disability Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo, representatives from the EU, UNESCO, and various global governments lent their voices to the summit. Their messages resonated, emphasizing the urgency and importance of enhancing disability rights on a global scale.

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