Let Her Lead!


Let Her Lead Program

Let Her Lead program was created to arm young women and girls with the knowledge they need to fight against human trafficking, child marriage, and gender-based violence. 


Education & Training

At USIDHR we work closely with young women to educate them on economic development, making them aware of their human rights, and helping them understand the signs of human trafficking and gender-based violence through education and training.

When it comes to human trafficking, it is vital to be able to spot the early signs of coercion. Vulnerable groups, young women especially need to be made aware how traffickers lure them in, often through fabricated claims of safety, security and happiness. It is through such training that young women will not only be aware of how to protect themselves, but how to recognize when others may be vulnerable.

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Why do we need to empower girls?

Girls and women worldwide are exposed to more vulnerabilities than their male counterparts. Therefore it is important to educate women on the gender-based struggles they may potentially encounter. UNICEF’s June 2019 report discover 12 million girls worldwide are married before they turn 18 every year. In 2016, the percentage of female trafficking victims was at 49% for women and 23% for girls. These numbers will only increase if we do not equip young girls with the correct knowledge.

Providing young women with such knowledge aims to ensure they are able to recognise threats of gender-based violence, and give them the skills to intervene correctly. In many communities around the world, violence against women and girls is deeply ingrained in certain cultural practices. As a result of this, we must arm young girls with the correct tools to overcome vulnerabilities they may face.

Donate to Educate Girls Everywhere

How can you get involved?

As a non-profit organization, we rely entirely on donations.

Make a one time or monthly donation to help support education for girls everywhere. USIDHR offers free education and training for girls  to aid them and set them up for success, free of suffering, the dangers of human trafficking and life in despair.