The US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR) co-hosted the Rebuilding Ukraine Forum on October 18th -21st , 2023 in Bucharest, Romania. This internationally oriented event had a successful line-up of 49 guest speakers from different countries with various professional backgrounds, and whose passion and dedication towards helping those in need reached and inspired a global audience.

The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest has borne witness to many historical events. Rebuilding Ukraine Forum 2023 was no exception.

During this multi-day Forum, 450 delegates, including 40 Americans and 49 speakers, gathered to explore three sides to the challenges faced in Ukraine: Reconstruction, Recovery, and Defense.

The Rebuilding Ukraine Forum 2023 was orchestrated by a coalition of distinguished international institutions – the Romania-Ukraine Bilateral Chamber of Commerce (CCBRU), the Chamber for Sustainable Development Diplomacy with Ukraine (CDDDU), the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR), the Romanian Business Association of Military Technique Manufacturers (PATROMIL), and the New Strategy Center (NSC).

The event was hosted under the auspices of the Embassy of Ukraine and the high Patronages of Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu and Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal. Their combined commitment highlights the forum's global significance and the international community's dedication to shaping Ukraine's future.

Panels and keynote speakers, hosted by the nonprofit think tank US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR), concentrated on recovery efforts in Ukraine. Ms. Isabelle Vladoiu, human rights law specialist and USIDHR founder, emphasized, "Amidst the challenges born from conflict, our dedication to human rights shines brighter than ever. Together, we strive for international accountability, inclusivity in response, and the healing of both visible and unseen wounds."

Speakers from civil society, the military, and politics examined the war's physical and emotional impacts. Discussions included Russia's violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, enhancing international accountability, promoting effective responses for persons with disabilities, and identifying recovery methods for those affected by the conflict.



  • Modification and harmonization of the bilateral legislative framework to facilitate the involvement of Romanian companies in the reconstruction process of Ukraine.

  • Current situation and vision for the evolution of Ukraine's reconstruction projects - regional and national projection.

  • Collaborative efforts to support Ukraine's reconstruction through the Romanian Logistic Hub.

During the first day of the Rebuilding Ukraine Forum, the event commenced with official messages from the Prime Ministers of Romania and Ukraine. The forum featured several key panels and discussions. In Panel 1, the focus was on the "Rebuilding Ukraine Process," with keynotes from officials representing both Ukraine and Romania. Panel 1.1 explored the "Vision of International Diplomacy," with speakers from various countries discussing their global perspectives. Panel 2 delved into the "Impact on the Business Environment," with keynotes covering topics like food and energy security, transportation, financing, and private investments. Panel 3 provided a platform for representatives from various Ukrainian regions to present their development plans. In Panel 4, companies registered in Romania shared their contributions to the rebuilding process. During the breaks, B2B and B2G discussions were pivotal in building essential partnerships and translating forum discussions into actionable plans, highlighting their crucial role in driving Ukraine's reconstruction and economic growth.


Defense & Recovery

  • Romania's position in the Euro-Atlantic integration process of Ukraine in light of the illegal, illegitimate, and unprovoked aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

  • Involvement of Romanian companies in supporting Ukraine's defense efforts in the war of aggression launched by the Russian Federation.

  • Increasing international accountability for a disability-inclusive response for persons with disabilities resulting from Russia's war in Ukraine.

  • Identifying methods and best practices for the recovery of military personnel and civilians affected physically and mentally Russia's war in Ukraine.

  • Grave violations of human rights and international humanitarian law committed by Russia in its war in Ukraine.

On the second day of the Rebuilding Ukraine Forum, the morning session focused on "Strengthening Ukraine’s Security and Resilience." The session began with participant registration and welcome coffee. The event started with the national anthems, followed by opening remarks by Mr. George Scutaru, Director General of the New Strategy Center in Romania. H.E. Nicolae Ciucă, President of the Senate of Romania, delivered a keynote speech, and a moderator's dialogue with him discussed security challenges in the Black Sea region following Russia's war against Ukraine. Further discussions covered Ukraine's reconstruction process and its impact on the defense industry, support from Romania, legislative framework modification, and lessons learned from Russia's aggression. Vice Admiral Mihai Panait, Chief of Naval Forces in Romania, addressed challenges to navigation freedom in the Black Sea region. The session also featured a panel on defense industry perspectives and a Q&A session.

In the afternoon session, titled "Empowering Recovery in Ukraine," the event started with the national anthems and official messages from the Prime Ministers of Romania and Ukraine. Ms. Isabelle Vladoiu, Founder of the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights, gave an introductory address. The first panel discussed serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law in the context of Russia's war in Ukraine. Panel 2 focused on increasing international accountability for persons with disabilities affected by the conflict. Panel 3 addressed methods and best practices for the recovery of military personnel and civilians impacted by the war. The session concluded with a ceremony for awarding 'Supporter of Rebuilding Ukraine' certificates and networking opportunities. These discussions and sessions contributed to a comprehensive exploration of security and recovery issues in Ukraine.


USIDHR delegation discovers the Traditional village of Romania

  • A visit at the Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum

  • Gala Dinner

On the third day of the event, the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR) Delegation embarked on a visit to the Dimitri Gusti National Village. During this excursion, a knowledgeable guide led the delegation to explore the village's notable attractions, including churches representing the Maramureș region and old houses reminiscent of Moldova's architectural heritage. It was a unique opportunity to immerse in the rich cultural and historical aspects of Romania.

Following the visit, the delegation enjoyed some free time to explore Bucharest until 6 pm. As the day transitioned into evening, they made their way to the Herastrau Lake shore to witness a breathtaking sunset. This serene moment set the stage for the Gala Dinner, where the delegation was treated to an evening of live music, adding to the memorable experiences of their visit to Romania.


USIDHR delegation discovers the beauty of Transylvania

  • A visit at Peleș Castle

  • USIDHR delegation visited the beautiful city centre of Brasov

On the fourth day of their visit, the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR) delegation embarked on a journey to explore the exquisite Peles Castle. This historic castle has been the residence of multiple kings and queens of Romania, offering a glimpse into the nation's royal heritage.

Subsequently, the delegation arrived in Brasov, where they had the opportunity to explore the old town's city center. The charming streets and beautiful sights, including the iconic Black Church and Council Square, provided a rich and immersive experience, allowing the delegation to appreciate the cultural and historical treasures of this picturesque city.


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