Children’s Education in Pakistan

Image by David Mark from Pixabay The significance of children receiving primary education is extremely underrated. In order for young people to move forwards in their development, it is vital…

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Refugees and Human Rights

Image credit: Marco VerchWhat do Albert Einstein, Jackie Chan, and the Dalai Lama all have in common? The answer: They were all refugees. Sadly today many refugees are dehumanised and…

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Teaching tolerance post Covid-19

Image credit: 김컴맹딸The rise of Covid-19 has also resulted in the rise of hate crimes against certain ethnic groups and members of society. False stereotypes and misinformation have increased intolerance…

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What is Cloud Diplomacy?

Diplomacy changed considerably during the twentieth century. The word ‘diplomacy’ strictly described any face-to-face contact between the governments of one nation and the governments of another. However, the use of…

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How to Work in Human Rights

Human rights movements are extremely popular today, and many are somewhat familiar with these two words; whether you've heard them at home, with your friends, or watched them trend as…

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