Certification Programs

Stand out with a certification that’s recognized globally. Getting certified shows that your new skills are industry validated.

Human Rights Education Certification TrainingTM

Human Rights Education Certification TrainingTM recognizes individuals ready to develop their knowledge and skills in promoting and protecting human rights. Upon completion, participants will become certified human rights consultants and are equipped to deliver training to others and provide advice to individuals and companies.

Human Trafficking Certification TrainingTM

Human Trafficking Prevention Certification TrainingTM recognizes individuals committed to combating human trafficking and expanding their prevention skills and knowledge. Upon completion, participants will become certified anti-trafficking consultants and equipped to educate others on how to recognize and combat human trafficking.

Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette CertificationTM

Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette Certification TrainingTM recognizes individuals dedicated to enhancing their skills in protocol, communication, and cultural awareness. Upon completion, participants will be equipped to confidently meet dignitaries, host important events, use appropriate titles and forms of address, and engage in intercultural etiquette.

Digital Citizenship Certification TrainingTM

Digital Citizenship Certification TrainingTM recognizes individuals committed to promoting ethical and responsible use of technology. Upon completion, participants become certified digital citizenship consultants, equipped with the skills and knowledge to consult with companies and deliver impactful workshops, seminars, and classes.

Capacitación en Derechos HumanosTM

Capacitación en Derechos HumanosTM reconoce a las personas comprometidas en desarrollar sus conocimientos en la promoción y protección de los derechos humanos. Al completar la capacitación, los participantes se convertirán en consultores certificados en derechos humanos y estarán capacitados para impartir formación a otros y brindar asesoramiento a personas y empresas.

Business Consulting Certification TrainingTM

Business Consulting Certification TrainingTM recognizes individuals committed to expanding their skills needed to start their own consulting business and help businesses of all sizes grow and solve problems. Upon completion, participants will be equipped to consult with small businesses and large corporations to make a positive impact on their success.

Social Media Content Creator CertificationTM

Social Media Content Creator Certification TrainingTM recognizes individuals committed to expanding their knowledge and skills in creating an online presence and building a brand identity. This certificate program provides the training needed for online content creation and equips participants to create engaging social media content and build a loyal following.

Virtual Event Consultant Certification TrainingTM

Virtual Event Consultant Certification TrainingTM recognizes individuals committed to expanding their knowledge and skills in virtual event consulting principles.Upon completion, participants will become certified virtual event consultants and be equipped with the skills to advise and support organizations in planning and executing engaging and effective virtual events.


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Diplomacy and Human Rights Education

We are the world’s leading provider in Diplomacy and Human Rights Courses, with a proven track record in transforming the skills of professionals to help build successful careers and promote continuous learning, to shape the workforce of the future.

Our certification courses are globally recognized courses and have been accepted as continuing education by many institutions and employers, including the United Nations, UNICEF, World Bank, embassies and governments around the world. 





8,000 graduates, Elite Trainers,

“What an insightful and informative course!! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to upgrade their understanding of human rights. An amazing teacher as well.”

Eric G E Gaye

“I have learned so much! We often think we know, to be honest I did not know much. Though, every item mentioned in these 30 articles seem common and we knew it, we did to know enough to teach others. Now, it has opened not only to feed my ego but aspirations to let other know what it meant"

Belete Balay

“It is an interesting, rich adapted and need oriented training. The training document is very useful. It is an excellent training. It will be an asset for me. I will actually encourage other people to take it.”

Gabriel Jude

Frequently Asked questions

The most commonly asked questions about certification. This includes Human Rights Education Training™, Human Trafficking Prevention Training™, Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette Training™. Select the question that interests you to reveal the answer. Please note, for questions or support, please contact USIDHR’s Customer Support team by email at info@usidhr.org

Professional certification is a designation earned by an individual identifying that they have demonstrated a standard level of skills, experience, and expertise within their field. USIDHR’s training programs are considered professional certifications because they each have a unique work experience requirement to be eligible and the exam tests their application of the competencies required at each level.  activities, or recertification to be eligible.

As individuals move along their career progression, their competencies will grow and develop.  At each key milestone, the individual will have developed or gained a different level of competency that can be recognized, thus providing a clear differentiation between certification levels.  The certification level encourages a BA professional to seek growth through specific learning and development to support them in achieving the desired level. IIBA certification programs will assess and measure an individual’s competencies at any given level thus ensuring the professional and employer knows what is expected at each level.