How to do a Facebook Fundraiser

Giving every child the right to education.

We are so thankful you joined us and want to contribute to this amazing project.

You will find here all the helping materials you need to start your Facebook Fundraiser and to start raising money so children can go to school.

So, let’s get started!

Create a Facebook Fundraise

Step 1

Watch this short tutorial so you can learn how to create your Fundraiser on Facebook.



  1. Click the search button
  2. Search for fundraise
  3. Click on "Raise Money"
  4. Search for Us Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights
  5. Set all the details
  6. Click on Create

Create a Facebook Fundraise

Birthday Fundraiser

If you chose to do a birthday fundraiser, the steps are a little bit different. 

Watch the tutorial to your left and find out all the details.

  1. Click the search button
  2. Look for birthday
  3. Click on Create a Birthday fundraise
  4. Look for Us Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights
  5. Set your details
  6. Click on Create



What a privilege to be here on the planet to contribute your unique donation to humankind.

Step 2 - What to do after you create your fundraiser?

Invite all of your friends

Create awareness

After you create your fundraiser, it's very important to invite all of your friends to donate.

It will take some time, as you can only send invitations by selecting each one of your friends, but it is a very important step. 

So make sure you don't skip it! :)

Post everyday!

Post Examples

Announcement Post

The Announcement Post should be your first post in the fundraiser.

Tell them why you choose to do this, what is your motivation, who are we, how did we convince you, why should they donate etc.

You can also inspire from our post, and write something alike.

It's your choice!

In order to post daily, you need to come with something new everyday.

So, give them quotes, motivational stories, tell them what a child can do with the money they would donate, how important is this donation for your birthday or for you.

Share a "time left post" when you are close to your birthday, to your goal, or to the ending of your fundraiser.

Tell them exactly how much time they have to donate for your cause.

These thank you posts are very important.

Every time someone is donating to your fundraiser, you will create a post where you will say thank you and tag them.

This will show that you appreciate everyone's effort and that you are very active and involved in raising money for these children.

Want more details? Send us your question and our team will answer it as fast as possible!

Children are the future of our tomorrow, so why not give them a chance to study?

Let them become the people to bring about the social change needed to progress towards a place that we can all coexist in together, peacefully.  There are currently 68 million children of primary school age that are not in school. So it’s a lot to work on. But every bit matters.