Donate to End Child Poverty this #GivingTuesday

When you make a one-time donation  this #GivingTuesday you help sponsor a child at-risk of poverty go to school for an entire year. Each Edu-box contains uniforms, shoes, backpack and school supplies for an entire year.  Your donations provide them with a CHANCE TO STUDY so that they can attend school, get an education, get a job, and support their families as well. By signing up for a monthly donation, you instantly join our Humanitarian Club and become part of an exclusive group of people fighting for the right to education of more than 258 million children of primary school age that are not in school in the 21st century. 

Your donation allows us to deliver educational supplies to children who need to escape cycles of poverty. Once combined with the gifts from other donors, your gift becomes vital in supporting our working and helping children worldwide.