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Gain Your Certificate in Human Rights Education Only with US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR)
Get Ready To Spend The Day With Us And Get Certified to Train Others In Human Rights.
The US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights is launching a step by step 8 modules in-depth human rights certification program to provide you with the most transparent and revealing training for professional development breaking down everything you need to know to become a human rights consultant and be able to deliver workshops, seminars and classes on human rights education to others.

US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights is the Only and # 1 Institution to create Human Rights Consultants

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This is the first time you will ever see a world class institute like ours make an offer like this.


A Step By Step In-Depth Training Learning the Right Strategies On How To Start Your Own Consulting career in Human Rights ........................($997 Value)

A Step By Step In-Depth Training Learning the Right Strategies On How To Start Your Own Consulting career in Human Rights ($997 Value)

A Breakdown Of The Exact Materials You Will Use To Train Others in Human Rights............................................................................................($347 Value)

A Breakdown Of The Exact Materials You Will Use To Train Others in Human Rights ($347 Value)

Personalized Handout for future training with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.......................................................................................($297 Value)

Personalized Handout for future training with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ($297 Value)

Digital credential and badge that can be added on Linkedin Certificate section & your email signature!.........................................................($197 Value)

Digital credential and badge that can be added on Linkedin Certificate section & your email signature! ($197 Value)

BONUS! Human Rights Evolution Timeline + other VIP resources...........($297 Value)

BONUS! Human Rights Evolution Timeline + other VIP resources ($297 Value)

BONUS! Human Rights Consultant Guide ................................................($97 Value)

BONUS! Human Rights Consultant Guide ($97 Value)

Total Value: $1,997

TODAY $97!

(One time price, lifetime access)



This program won’t work if you don’t work. But just in case you complete the entire training and fully participate … but are not fully satisfied…no worries! Just reach out to us within 30 days and we’ll gladly give you a full refund.

Here’s What Other’s Are Already Saying About this Training…

human rights certificate human rights with gold seal

Join our Most Popular Training and find out why 3,500+ students got this training. Now entirely virtual, done from the comfort of your home via our course platform.

*This discount will be available for a limited time.
So Here's How It Works...

The modules take about 8-10 hours to fully complete, but you can take as long as you need. Sign up, join the online training from the comfort of your own home and get your certificate as soon as you graduate.

You have lifetime access to all the modules and learn the latest proven strategies on how to become a human rights consultant. Once completed, you'll be featured in the registered consultant directory.

At the end of the training, You'll Become a Certified Human Rights Consultant and obtain your certificate attesting that you have learned the skills necessary to share your knowledge and help others understand their rights, do your own workshops and seminars and help companies create policies that promote the respect for human rights.

You get unlimited access to our USIDHR Consultants Facebook Group, interacting with others JUST LIKE YOU and be surrounded by a supportive community to bring up your motivation, focus and confidence every single day. I mean, who else is keeping you fired up, focused, driven to be your ABSOLUTE BEST!?

You and your dreams don’t have to be alone anymore. You become a part of something bigger than yourself...


Isabelle training on Human Rights at the African Union Mission to USA

Isabelle speaking at the United Nations

Isabelle training on Human Rights for companies

What Else Do I Get in This Training?

BONUS PACK 1 - VIP ($397 Value)

Get for FREE all these amazing bonuses that fill up your professional toolbox so that you have no stops in your career!

BONUS #1: 'Struggle for Rights' Speech by Eleanor Roosevelt from 1948, an instrumental document to human rights today

BONUS #2: Human Rights Evolution Flowchart - A simple, straightforward timeline on the evolution of human rights... You can print it as a Banner for your class or workshop or simply showcase it digitally on your your PowerPoint, virtually anywhere, without spending a ton of time researching about human rights and lose money on design


Build your human rights career on the right foundation with these pre-made resources that Isabelle used to become a successful human rights consultant. 

RESOURCE #1: Next Steps for a Human Rights Consultant GUIDE to teach you exactly what you need to do after the training to launch your career

RESOURCE #2: Workshop Training Agreement Template ready to hand out to potential clients, so that you can focus on delivering the work instead!

RESOURCE #3: Bonus: Educator's Guide with lesson plans to teach every human right. No need to come up with a course curriculum anymore. Here it is, made for you! Simply follow along.

Instant Digital Credential & Badge

USIDHR partners with Accredible to offer digital credentials and badges.  Retrieve your digital credential and badges via our secure encrypted platform. You can print, share on social media, add to your Linkedin profile or email signature. That will instantly boost your credibility online and offline!

BONUS PACK 1 - VIP ($397 Value)

You can also request that we mail you the Official Certificate with the Gold Seal of USIDHR and signature printed on fine linen paper. Display this in your home or office. Order multiple copies. Requesting is optional and incurs a small shipping fee.

Inclusion in the Consultants Directory

Your certificate and credential is 100% verifiable via our directory and it gives a way for employers or clients to search and locate your certificate and check all your skills as a qualified individual. All certificates issued by USIDHR are fully verifiable and encrypted through blockchain technology that blocks any cheating, copying, scamming of certificates. 

Total Value: $1,997

TODAY $97!

(One time price, lifetime access)

Yes! You read that right! We slashed our prices because we’re on a mission to get this vital information to as many rights advocates as possible. But ACT FAST – LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE! *And its unlikely this training will ever be offered at these prices again*

Learn from an International Award-Winning Instructor

Isabelle Vladoiu is an International Human Rights Law Specialist and the founder of the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights.  For more than a decade working in human rights education, she has trained more than 15,000 people. Her expertise has been shared with individuals, policy makers in Congress, government officials, and leaders of international organizations.

Isabelle Vladoiu was awarded by two American Presidents, once with President’s Volunteer Service Award, in 2018, and with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022, by President Biden. Other awards include letters of appreciation from governors, U.S. Senators and Representatives, local legislators and other non-governmental organizations.

She studied Master of Laws both in Europe and the United States, graduating with honors from the University of Buffalo School of Law. 

Isabelle Vladoiu LL.M

International Human Rights Law Specialist Founder, US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights

Why Get Certified with the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights?

The US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR) is a think tank based in Washington, DC. Our mission is to advance education for all and provide solutions to enhance global understanding through research, training and programs.

For each course you take with USIDHR you are in fact making a donation to help vulnerable children around the world don’t miss out on quality education.

Through our charitable program, Edu for Every Child, we support 258 million children by providing them with much-needed resources to go to school. We believe each child deserves access to quality education. We provide them with the Edu-boxes that contain uniforms, shoes, backpack, school supplies and all necessities to go to school for an entire year. 

Why Become a Human Rights Consultant?

There’s a growing demand for this type of consulting every day. Companies want consultants that can help them understand how they can do better by everyone involved – employees, customers, partners, etc. That means there are plenty of opportunities out there for those who know what they’re doing when it comes to training others about human rights issues and strategies!

And if you don’t know everything yet – we’ll teach you! We offer this comprehensive training course so that anyone interested in becoming an Human Rights Consultant has access to all the tools needed for success. It’s never been easier or more affordable than right now at US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights!

Although human rights have been here for ages, surprisingly, not many people know about the thousands of job opportunities that are posted each day. You might have heard about financial consultants, real estate consultants and many other types in the business industry. But the human rights industry is yet to be fully explored. There is a dire need of more specialists in this field. Companies around the world have been seeking to improve their policies on diversity, inclusion, discrimination at work and others. That’s because they can win competitions on corporate responsibilities, obtain government grants, and keep their employer rating.

Job Opportunities

Here's What Others Are Already Saying About this Training...
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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

If you arrived on this website it means that you get to use the promotion available and pay only $97 for the entire course. There are no other charges to obtain your certificate or participate in the training. Usually, our Human Rights training program cost is $1,997 but we wanted to help as many individuals as possible during these challenging times to get the opportunity to become a Human Rights Consultants so we reduced it with more than 95.1%. What’s the catch? NONE. But we do have only limited seats available for this promotion. So if you want to join the training, grab your seat today. Promotional pricing is subject to change any day without notice. 

This is a 8 module online training. You get instant access to the entire training as soon as you register and you can complete the modules at your own pace. On average, it can take between 6-15 hours to complete the training and receive your certificate as Human Rights Consultant. 

This is a Professional Certificate for those wanting to start a career or expand their knowledge in the field of human rights. Wherever you are in your career, the globally-recognized Human Rights Education certification by US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights tells employers, peers, and the world you know what you’re doing in human rights. 

This is a professional certificate which you can include on your CV/Resume as an additional qualification. You can also start your own consulting business in this field. In addition, in the training the instructor will provide you with additional resources and information on how to begin your career as a Human Rights Consultant. 

There is no final exam you need to pass. However, each module will has quizzes that you’ll have to pass in order to advance to the next module. The quizzes are based on the knowledge you just obtained in the modules. There is no final exam except the quizzes which you can complete as you go. 

This training is for those wanting to gain the ability to teach others their human rights. So if ever wanted to build a career as a Human Rights consultant or you’re already working in the field and want to build authority that you really know what you’re doing, this training is for YOU! This intensive course will provide you with the tools, knowledge and resources necessary to start the journey to human rights consultancy. 

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