Help Ukrainian refugees arriving daily in Romania & Moldova

Every day, thousands of Ukrainians desperately seek refuge in Romania and Moldova. They come from war-torn regions with little hope for the future - but you can change that!

Thousands of Ukrainian refugees have arrived at CATTIA Community Center in Brasov and others in Romania and Moldova and they need everything from food & clothing, medicine & hygiene items, shelter, heating & necessary equipment, psychological, educational, and asylum support.

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100% Funds go Directly to the Refugee Centers where the most help is needed

Just a few weeks ago, CATTIA was simply a business center, now it entirely transformed at the hands of the community coming together into one of the most welcoming Refugee Centers for Ukrainians arriving in Romania. Volunteers are giving shelter and food to thousands of Ukrainian refugees. The municipality, entrepreneurs and civil society organizations have united for giving a hand to those with little hope for the future. Watch the interviews and join us in helping the center help thousand others refugees arrive and find peace in Romania!

Founder of USIDHR visits the ad-hoc Refugee Center at CATTIA in Brasov, ROMANIA

The municipality and civil society came together, creating what may be one successful Pilot Project that can then potentially lead into other similar programs across Romania

The Community Center at CATTIA by the “Brasov for Ukraine” initiative group, created by Brasov City Hall together with other local NGOs, has become one of the main gateways for receiving refugees from Ukraine either temporary or who want to remain in Romania. The Migration Integration Center of Brasov is one of the NGOs working on the integration of Ukrainian refugees that arrive to Romania providing them with support from the moment they arrive at the center from identifying their medical and personal needs to offering counseling and support.

Interview with Astrid Hamberger - Founder of the Migration Integration Center in Brasov

Meet Natalya - an Ukrainian entrepreneur living in Romania who is now helping Ukrainian refugees arrive safely to the Refugee Center

Meet Ali - a student from Brasov who's helping Ukrainian refugees reintegrate in Romania

Why USIDHR & Asociatia Pro Afaceri?

Since the beginning of the war, Pro Afaceri has been on the ground with the municipality and other local NGOs and has worked shoulder to shoulder to do everything possible to transform from scratch a “gray” place and an empty hall that belonging to CATTIA business center in a welcoming place where thousands of Ukrainian refugees can be received and feel safe, after fleeing a war-torn Ukraine.

Although originally formed as a nonprofit association to promote local business, Pro Afaceri became deeply involved in humanitarian actions while helping Romanian hospitals struck by the pandemic, from where it was born the project “Binele continua.” The project now brings together initiatives that support the humanitarian crisis of Ukrainian refugees, in partnership with the Romanian Post Office, the Center for Migration Brasov, Brasov City Hall and others. Not only that, but its entire network of entrepreneurs have come together in solidarity to help with the Ukrainian refugee crisis in Romania, and has contributed tremendously in building an entire network of volunteers providing much-needed supplies & food across Romanian train stations, refugee centers and help transport from and into Ukraine.

US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights (USIDHR) is a nonprofit organization from Washington, D.C. that provides human rights and human trafficking trainings, gives scholarships and school supplies to vulnerable children across the world, and raises funds for giving access to education for all. Through its charitable campaign “EduforEveryChild,” USIDHR has helped bring hope and access to education to hundreds of kids at-risk of poverty by supporting their education for an entire year and helping them with much-needed resources such as backpacks, school supplies, uniforms, shoes and everything a child needs to go to school for a whole year.

USIDHR & Pro Afaceri are proud to join forces in the common mission of leaving no one behind and helping mothers, children and families of Ukrainians who have fled the war that destroyed their homes, find shelter, food and hope in Romania & Moldova. Through the Nobody Left Behind project, these nonprofits join the fight for peace and human dignity and and vow to provide free training and counseling to Ukrainian refugees, as well as facilitate shelter, food and personal hygiene items.

You Can Help Too! Donate to help

Ukrainian refugees in Romania

& Moldova

You Can Help Too! Donate to help Ukrainian refugees in Romania & Moldova

Together for Ukraine - A family of Ukrainian refugees recently arrived chooses to pay it forward by volunteering at their refugee center

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